Data supporting our paper: DermSynth3D: Synthesis of in-the-wild annotated dermatology images

(Ashish Sinha, Jeremy Kawahara, Arezou Pakzad, Kumar Abhishek, et al.) 

Skin3D Dataset

Over 25,000 manual bounding-box annotations of pigmented skin lesions on 3D body scans.

(Mengliu Zhao, Jeremy Kawahara, Kumar Abhishek, and Sajjad Shamanian)


Confocal Alzheimer and STED Cav1  datasets supporting our paper SPECHT: Self-tuning Plausibility Based Object Detection Enables Quantification of Conflict in Heterogeneous Multi-scale Microscopy

Derm7pt Dermatology Dataset

1011 cases w/ dermoscopic and clinical images, and meta-data, labeled by dermatologist with lesion type and 7-Point Checklist Criteria

(Jeremy Kawahara with Dr. Argenziano)

AgriTech image datasets database

(Adrian D'Alessandro, Darren Sutton, ‍ Carolina Partida Bujanda) 

SMLM PC3 Cav1/CAVIN1 Point Cloud Data

3D point clouds of super resolution molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) of Cav1 protein in prostate cancer (PC3) and CAVIN1/PTRF transfected PC3 (PC3-PTRF) cells

(Ismail Khater with Prof. Nabi

Skin Image Datasets

(Kumar Abhishek and Jeremy Kawahara) 

Ovarian Carcinoma Histopathology Image Dataset

(Aïcha BenTaieb with Dr. Li-Chang and Dr. Huntsman) 


Statistical Template Estimation for Abnormality Mapping

(Brian Booth) 


Software for simulating hair on skin images for dermatology studies

(Hengameh Mirzaliian)