TurtleSeg Video Walkthrough

The following video shows the typical usage and workflow of the TurtleSeg software. In it, the radius bone is segmented in the included CT image of a wrist

TurtleSeg Demo

The TurtleSeg promotional video, highlighting the many features of the interactive 3D image segmentation tool.

TurtleSeg Features: The Views

An introduction to the 4 views of the TurtleSeg interface.

TurtleSeg Features: Polygon/Freehand Mode

An introduction to the freehand/polygon contouring modes in TurtleSeg.

TurtleSeg Features: Contour Editing

An introduction to editing existing contours in TurtleSeg.

TurtleSeg Features: Auto-contouring

An introduction to TurtleSeg's "auto-contouring" feature.

TurtleSeg Features: Multiple Object Segmentation

A video demonstrating TurtleSeg's support for segmenting multiple objects in the same image and project.

TurtleSeg Features: Segmentation Exporting

An introduction to exporting segmentation results from TurtleSeg.